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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thanks for Advising me to Read this Book

Dear Ms Curtiss

I always remember the "Floating" term from the book "Hope and help for your nerves". Instead of dwelling in thinking we just need to float every time by focusing on other things instead of thoughts. For me I always focus on breathing when I notice my self dwelling on thoughts. This way I make my self float every time I have down thinking.
Also, floating keeps me from self focus or self talk.  

I notice some friends who do not suffer depression use floating term when ever they face difficulties and do not like dwelling by thoughts. For example when having test, they do not like to make the test horrible by thinking. They just say its okay and will be easy even though the test needs work.

Thanks so much for your advice to read this book 


Dear R,
You are welcome. This book by Dr. Claire Weekes has helped thousands of people recover from depression, anxiety and fear. 

A. B. Curtiss

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