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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Connecting With Others in Positive Way

Dear Ms,Curtiss, 

I have some thing really hurts the feeling well. I have a work mate which i have competitions for long time in politics. Trying to love to avoid hate feeling which show in face expressions in front of him to be faded.

Pls accept sharing feelings with you. I really need to shake my heart to have a clear love one.

Thanks Curtiss 


Rudolf Steiner said that for us to reach higher levels of being in our own lives we should begin by a path of veneration. Instead of criticizing the person in front of us, enter lovingly into his merits as a human being and child of the universe as are we ourselves.

It is not so hard if you truly make the decision to venerate all life as sacred. Even the most brutal of men still have, within them, the possibility of redemption. A. B. Curtiss

Dear Curtiss, 

These days I tried to connect my soul with my partners soul. It seems very annoying practice to both partners soul and I want to get rid of this negative practice. 

Sometimes bad impression can come when I meet people from first time due to this practice. Deep communications between souls make me tired when there is negative thinking and negative energy which might be delivered easily to the next partners and they would start to hate this type of feelings and soul communications. Maybe fear from this practice is there too which affect cheerfulness.

Ms Curtiss, Pls can you advise on this types of communications. Loving and respect can help to change this but fear might be still there.

I really wants to stop this type of practice. 



I’m not sure what you mean by trying to connect with your partner’s soul. By your partner do you mean your wife? I thought I remembered that you were married and had a son? Is that right? The way to connect with anyone is to have a feeling of reverence for that person’s merits so that you are in a state of veneration for that person. Veneration is holding someone in highest regard. 

Dear Curtiss,

I meant all people around including my wife are feeling my negative energy and keeps me worried. Maybe it is fear 

Yes, I have son 9 years old and daughter 5 years . They are doing great and thanks Curtiss to ask about family 

My wife told me a story about one lady works with her and suffer from depression, this lady has full negativity and no love. Employees do not like to communicate with her because of this. 

Worried came to me due to this story which affect mine too, started thinking how souls communicate and how they get in touch from first impression. My wife felt this might affect myself due to that story.

But will accept this fear and will continue cheerful life 
hanks Curtiss for understanding and supporting 



While you are in their presence, think of them instead of thinking about yourself and how well you are connecting with them. Just focus you interest on the merits of that person don’t think about your own merits or faults. Self-focusing is a connection breaker. If your fear intrudes upon your attempt to connect simply notice it and allow the fear to flow. It is all right to be afraid. Try to relax into your own fear and instead of focusing on it, focus instead on the merits of the other person. A. B. Curtiss

Dear Curtiss, 

Thanks Curtiss for all the support you made to us which create big life changing towards positiveness and understanding how we treat our soul to help it to get out from deep depression .

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