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Friday, January 29, 2016

Do Other People Like You?

My webmaster gave me this great quote from Dale Carnegie. She was telling me how important it is in my website to show things to people that will interest them rather than trying to get them interested in what I'm doing.

Here's the quote: "I can do more business in two months by being interested in other people than I can in two years by trying to get  other people interested in me."

This is really quite profound when you think about it. Not just a useful idea to increase business. Remembering this quote and putting it to practical use can make a positive change in your whole life. There are few people to whom the whole world just naturally gravitates. The rest of us must make some kind of effort to connect with others.

When we are trying to get people interested in us it's usually out of some kind of anxiety that we want to be well thought of. We may even be uptight without even knowing it. Whereas when we put our energy into being interested in other people we can relax a little. We are connecting with them not by trying to look good ourselves, but wanting to find out something about them. Showing them not that we should be important to them but that they are already important to us.

And in our listening to the stories of others we learn about them. They become more human to us. We find we like them better than when we didn't know anything about them. We find common ground. They become a fellow traveler on our path of life. And when we like them better, guess what happens? Then they like us better. It's quite magical.

So, let's not forget, in our haste to tell our own story, that listening to someone else can be far more rewarding than listening to ourselves. For both of us. 

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