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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Difficult Question

Someone recently asked me a difficult question. They had suffered a terrible tragedy and loss of a child. They said it had shaken their faith, they wondered if there was a God and how could he let it happen and why did it happen to them. I suggested two books that might help: Viktor Frankl's Man Search for Meaning and When Bad Things Happen to Good People. But she insisted in asking me, "But what do you think? What is your answer?

The only thing I could think of is something that I think is essentially correct. We cannot get to Truth through the reasoning process because Truth is Divine and reasoning is human. So all we can do is get out of the fear and anxiety caused by our pain and our body being in a state of alarm, and try to get to our essential okayness by meditating on the thought that we can breathe in the white light of healing and love and exhale the darkness of fear and anxiety. Then when we have succeeded in getting our body out of a state of anxious alarm and are calm for a few minutes, we can open up our heart to love and then, at some point, Truth will reveal itself to us and we will have an answer. A. B. Curtiss


Anonymous said...

When Bad Things Happen to Good People comes to mind too. It seems we have a hieracy of need before we can move on.

Ginger said...

"...at some point, Truth will reveal itself to us and we will have an answer."

Or maybe we won't...at least not to the question, "why," but the reminder that "Truth is Divine, reasoning is human" offers a stepping to stone to acceptance of the reality that life is a mystery.

Even without an answer to why, a "heart open to love" can experience a large measure of healing, and Truth can reveal if not an answer, something redeeming.

I think of the many powerful and helpful foundations, organizations, volunteer efforts, etc. that have sprung forth from another's grief and loss.

Deep friendships and much inner growth may also arise from the ashes.