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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Please let me Know if I have duplicated a letter

I'm doing my best to get a back load of correspondence on the blog.  Please let me know if I make a mistake and duplicate a letter. Thanks so much. The following letter was so encouraging that I post it kind of to pat myself on the back a little. It came at a good time when I was needing a little uplift. And in my response I describe my children's books a bit in case someone might be interested. A. B. Curtiss

Hi A.B.

I am a fan and really appreciated your book that depression is a choice and also Children of the Gods. My 11 year old niece recently lost her father in an accident.
I appreciate your children's books, but they are too young for her - she is an advanced reader in 6th grade.Given your qualifications I think you could write a really good book for teenage girls.

If you do please e-mail me so I can get on the wait list.

Ron Neely

Dear Ron,

Thanks so much for your encouraging letter.

Yes, many of my children's books would be too young, and I probably shouldn't disagree with you that some of my children's books are not  "too young" but here goes anyway. I would suggest you get neice a copy of In the Company of Bears sometime when you can give it to her in person as a kind of aside, "nothing" thing because of the "artwork" or something so she won't dismiss it as childish . It is very deceiving because it seems like a book you could give a 2 year old, which you can. But I have had many people people tell me how much the book meant to them. It seems to have a second level of meaning which is very calming and comforting. Even two widows (I might have dismissed this if it had only been one)  who lost their husband said that the book was so comforting that one said she had "worn it out."   

My book Hallelujah A Cat Comes Back is mainly purchased by adults and a Barnes & Nobles manager said she always suggested it to people who were "under stress" because it was so uplifting, and so is Time of the Wild mainly bought by adults and is used in High School for creative writing. 

My new book Dragons Guard the Zoo I sign for adults all the time--even a Marine who took it on a cross-country trip "just for company." People tell me I write children's books for adults. Look on my new website and ans see if maybe I have changed your mind, hopefully without annoying you.

I appreciate your suggestion about writing a book for teenagers. I will think about that. A. B. Curtiss

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