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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeling Down Does Not Feel Good

Dear Ms Curtiss

Dear Mrs. Curtiss

The depression hits me yesterday and I am still working on it till today. I do not know why it takes longer time to disappear. R
Dear R______
It will pass. Get interested in your chores, your family, do something nice for your wife. You'll get over it when you concentrate on others or on your work. 

We forget that depression comes from our brain turning in the direction of downer thinking. We aren't always aware of this. When we realize we're depressed we believe that we are thinking negative thoughts because we feel negative. It's always the other way around. 

You have to insist on pushing your thinking to more positive imagery the minute you realize that you are down. Anything helps. Any thinking other than the thought you don't feel so good. Don't think about your feelings, think about anything else.

Down does not feel good. You don't want to push yourself to think better thoughts. Just do it anyway, in small ways. Think a little nursery rhyme, a dumb song. Then get to work at something, anything. Go outside and take a walk. Watch a movie. You need to distract your brain and get it off it's negative thinking track. It is not easy to do. The brain is stubborn and gets "dug in" to its thinking. You have to "dig in" and start pushing your brain around so it quits pushing you around. Just keep it up and your brain will soon let go of its negative direction. Depression is just a feeling. It will ultimately end. Get it to end sooner by jumping in the way of negative thoughts. Hold up another thought and say to the negative thought "You shall not pass." A. B. Curtiss

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