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Monday, November 29, 2010

Why the Exercise Not Working as Before?

Dear A. B.

Why doen't the "out of the box" exercise work like it did four days ago when I was feeling so good? R_____

Dear R______

I don't know why sometimes an exercise won't work and sometimes it will. I have several exercises and usually one of them will work. The other day however the "out of the box" didn't work for me either and I tried several exercises and none of them actually worked for me in that I could really concentrate on them instead of slipping into thinking about my depression. But I found that even keeping on trying with the exercises is better than giving up to your depression because even trying to use mind exercises is using your neocortex and helps take the edge off the pain. The sooner you get into physical activity the better because the combination of thinking objectively and physical action is stronger than just doing the mind exercises. Anything you do to distract yourself from depression works in some way to help, even thought it may not be as quick as at other times to get you out right away it will ultimately get you out. A. B. Curtiss

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