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Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's No Downside to Learning How Your Brain Works

Dear Ms Curtiss 

My wife says she is not depressed. She stopped eating meat or any heavy meals the last two weeks because it causes her to have severe palpitation and hard breathing. 

My Question: is reading the books will help her in this case?? and the issue is she is not convinced she has anxiety and says this is a heart problems. your advice?

Dear R_________

There is no downside to learning how your brain works or how you can direct your thinking. Severe palpitation and hard breathing are two symptoms of anxiety and they are not normally caused by eating meat. Saying you are not depressed is not the same thing as saying you are happy. You told me that after numerous visits to the doctor they can find nothing wrong with her heart. If the doctors can find no heart problem then she might consider the possibility that her symptoms are caused by anxiety. What harm could befall her by reading your brainswitch books and she might learn something that will be helpful to her life. A. B. Curtiss

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