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Friday, November 12, 2010

My Wife Suddenly Became Self-focused and Depressed

Dear Curtiss  

It seems my wife becomes self focused and depressed. Her behavior changed suddenly. Will she be like this or for a while of time. Her family history has no depression. Please advise,

I want to ask you for a copy from the Fear chapter "Depression is a choice" by email for my brother, because he lives overseas.

Thansk SO much for your help


 Thanks, R_____________

Dear R_____

How long depression lasts depends upon what you do to get out of depression. It also helps to know how your brain works. It is not easy to get out of depression but it is a simple process. And depression is not easy to live with. 

Here is the Chapter 10 of Depression is a Choice

A. B. Curtiss

Dear A.B Curtiss

I went to the hospital four times to check the heart beat of my wife and they said she is fine. Her heart beat gets faster some times and skip some beats after she eats food. Do you have idea if this is related to anxiety. We are still not sure if this is anxiety. Some times headache and other times dizziness. The doctor said they need to monitor her heart beat 24 hours and see.   

Does lack of vitamins causes this symptoms?? It might be iron deficiency.

Thanks  for helping  R__________
Dear R__________

Sounds like it may just be stress and anxiety.

Dear A.B Curtiss

Thanks so much fo the response.

I belive that Depression has multiple layers and each one of them needs a specific exercises in order to pass that layer.

Maybe that’s why I am late in passing the layers of depression.

Thanks  R__________

Dear R________

Yes, you are right. The earlier you clamp down on negative thinking the better. As you get deeper into depression you need more of an effort to get out of it. Some exercises work better than others. You kind of get to know which work the best in which situations. For instance when I get hit really hard the only thing that works is a song or nursery rhyme that I say over and over.. When I wake up and can't get back to sleep, counting works best. . A real light shadow over the day can be picked up with goody-goody. There is always something that works  A. B. Curtiss

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