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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Prisoner of the Preconceived

So many people have said this poem was helpful to them and many people actually take a picture of the page with their cell phones when I'm booksigning and they don't have money to buy the book. Yesterday at a booksigning someone told me that this page was very "famous on tumblr". I tried to find it on tumblr but I don't know how to navigate the site. Anyway, here is the poem:

From my book:

You have become a prisoner of the preconceived.
Your hopes are your insanity.
You cannot plan God, plan reality.
Reality is always a surprise.
The truth you see is hidden by your wish to find it.
You are chained to every pain and sorrow by your desire
That it shouldn’t be happening the way it is.
That nearly kills you.
Seek what is at hand.
When you give up all your hopes
You also give up all your fears.
Save yourself, heal yourself, rest yourself in the unexpected.

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