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Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm Getting Tricked by my mind.

I seem to be getting tricked by my mind instead of me doing my mind tricks to change it. Like my mind has found a new way for this to not work. When I use thought jamming, and brainswitching, I have this recurrent undertone thought that I am crazy/unstable (pick your own insult) for having to do it, so it's like I end up thinking "Green Frog I Suck and am Crazy" bah! "Green Frog I suck.... any suggestions?


Keep choosing non-emotional association thoughts as you are doing. When one becomes contaminated because you have associated it with negative emotional content, choose another that is not contaminated. To keep from contaminating nonsense exercises be more vigilant in pulling back from the negative quicker.

And remember that knowing is not doing. Thinking your objective and nonsense thought is doing. Not wanting to think a negative thought is knowing but not doing. 

The thought that an objective thought won’t work is a negative thought.

Your mind is very clever but not as clever as you can be. Your mind is stuck in the negative. You don’t have to be stuck in the negative. You are a much freer agent than your mind.

Your mind does not have freedom of the will. You have freedom of the will. Your emotional mind must function by rote, by instinct. You are able to function by reason.

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