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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Keep from Making Negative Associations with Things


Can you help me with making negative associations with things?  I even do it with objects. Every time I set my glasses down for the night I think, I will be depressed and I will know when I see these glasses in the morning that I am depressed. 

My mind is trying to find all kinds of ways to trick me into thinking this it seems. I just have to keep believing it will get easier. I try to force the thought, I love my life, or glasses are cool instead. thanks,


Yes, you are on the right track. Any reference to a thought or to an object that your brain makes should be immediately ignored, while you do just as you said, think an uplifting thought instead. 

Try this: Tell your brain it can think any stupid thing it wants, but today you are going to live a good life and think good thoughts and then get on with something. Notice any negative thought or negative association, accept anything negative completely and immediately and then, just as immediately, ignore it. Feel the fear in yourself at these time, accept your fear completely and get on with your day in a cheerful way, 

Remember Roman Stoic Philisopher Seneca’s assertion, “…there is no cheerfulness like the resolutions of a brave mind.

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