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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just Do the Next Thing When Anxious

You can't just give up and sink deeper into your anxiety. As soon as you feel that anguish and pain of anxiety you know that to think about it, to self-focus on what you are feeling will just make it worse. Think some objective thought, do some productive action and get your mind to focus on the present reality of the objective thought or action you are doing. Insist on thinking anything else except thinking about your anxiety. "Green frog" is the exercise I use most often. But sometimes I used "Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz" because it is so quick to say and easy to concentrate on. It's a good thoughtjammer for not thinking about your anxiety.

And relax your shoulders constantly because your muscles are so tight that your "back is up" and it will re-tense two seconds after you release it. Don't worry. Just keep releasing the tension that you can in your body. Every little bit of release helps the larger situation of the anxiety. Finally if you persevere,, your anxiety will "die the death of a thousand small cuts." And good riddance.

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