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Monday, October 12, 2015

These Intense Negative Thoughts are Getting to Me


These thoughts are really intense : I don't want to live. Why should I bother doing all this work? My life has no purpose anyway. All these thoughts are really trying to get me tonight. I considered going and laying out in the yard and just letting it all pass away. Ignore, ignore, ignore? Misery sucks. What to do?


The thoughts you a having are not really intense thoughts that are out to get you. What is intense is your intense concentration upon them.

As you already know, these negative thoughts are just old habits, old habitual thinking that you should drop in favor of other more productive thoughts. Why do you think these thoughts? You don't have to, you know that. So why do you do it?

Instead of thinking about yourself. Why don’t you think about all the other people in the world that are carrying unbearable burdens. Send a little love to them in their hour of need. Think about them. That is also something you can do and it will be much more rewarding than trying to make yourself happy which is almost impossible anyway. 

We don't really make ourselves happy directly. We find productive and loving things to do and then our fear subsides and we experience our own okayness. AB Curtiss

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