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Friday, October 9, 2015

Feel a Little Love Coming Your Way


Life seems so bad and against me right now. I am so tense from guarding my thoughts. I feel under constant threat by them. I am so preoccupied by the "I don't want to live this life" and all the other negatives.

Have I just hit a bump in the road? Felt like I was doing ok there for a while with brainswitching and then it got a lot more difficult for me to practice. Been stuck in the house for days with my sick husband who is in a lot of pain so maybe that’s tensing me up. But I am under a deluge of one negative, weird thought after the other.

This is all just an illusion right AB? Life does not really suck? I am not a loser and doomed? It's all just a product of random thoughts that I can ignore....right?


You will be feeling bad as long as you are thinking bad thoughts. When you think good thoughts or objective, non-emotional thoughts for about 20 minutes you don't feel quite so bad anymore. When you get busy with small tasks and you think creative, good thoughts then you will start feeling good. And you are in charge of thinking those things and doing those things that will help you feel better. Of course, no one wants to do productive things when they’re feeling bad. That’s human nature. But we have to get out of our instinctual mind into our reasoning mind.

Think about your husband instead of yourself. Think about how to make him comfortable or at least support him lovingly. Just being there, holding our hand when we feel bad is so therapeutic.

Thinking about ourselves and how we are feeling, self-focus, is the death of happiness. It is just our habit to do this. It is as hard to break the habit of negative thinking as it is to give up smoking. Some people would rather die of cancer than give up smoking. But it is our choice.  

I’m sending you a hug. Feel a little love coming your way. A. B. Curtiss

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