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Saturday, October 3, 2015

How Do You Find Your Passion?


I think I’m beginning to understand what you mean when you say that the way you can get out of depression is not complex, but it is challenging. And then once you’re not in such a bad way, you can move on to more productive activity that moves you further away from depression. I hear people talking about “finding their passion.” I agree that we all need some sort of passion in life that anchors us. The question is how do I find one?


You are right. The way you get out of depression is not complex, but challenging. Once out of depression, or once the edge is off, you need some job, or craft or interest that you can turn your attention to, something that roots you to life and connects you with other people. And no one can do this for you. You, yourself have to put down the roots according to your own interests. Otherwise you feel rootless and aimless just wandering around in life not feeling really connected to anything.

This doesn't mean, as some therapists think, that there is something wrong with you, some past injury that has damaged you and needs to be corrected. It just means that you have yet to do the work of finding a compelling interest in some work, study or worthy endeavor that can productively occupy your mind. You might be hampered by some repressed fear, but this you can get in touch with (read Chapter Ten in my book Depression is a Choice). Many people have found great satisfaction in concentrating their efforts on some worthy project like Meals on Wheels, working at a women’s shelter, taking up oil painting, going to school to pursue some study of interest, taking a leadership role in Toastmasters, International after they got over their own fear of public speaking and social shyness. Sometimes you don't know what interests you until you try a few things and see what sticks. A. B. Curtiss

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