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Monday, September 20, 2010

"The Blahs" are Dangerous and Deceptive

Dear Curtiss 

Thanks so much for this info and I understand the point. I need to practice till I overcome the fear of depression and I promise I am able to achieve it. 

All the best, R___________
Dear R_____________

Yes, you are right, you need to practice brainswitching as often as necessary in order to overcome your fear of depression, and certainly any person who is earnest about it can accomplish this.  It is very important to remember to refuse to think those low-key gray and sad thoughts that aren't really depression. Some people call them "the blahs." The blahs are dangerous and deceptive. They are not reality and yet they masquerade as your real life--nothing exciting going on, no great progress being made, nothing to write home about, etc. etc. These downer thoughts will turn into depression if you let them get a foot in the door. If you are feeling down and the world seems dull and uninteresting, immediately you need to grab onto some exercise and go somewhere else. The exercise will help lift you out of doldrums and then you will have a little more energy to direct your attention to something more productive than being bored and stale. A. B. Curtiss

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