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Friday, September 17, 2010

Why We Don't Like People Who Always Interrupt Us?

I saw a graphic example of interrupting someone's energy the other day. At a booksigning I had handed a flier to a small child (with his father's permission) and the child started reading the poems on the back of the flier. As soon as they walked away from my table, I saw the father immediately snatch the flier out of the child's hands to read it for himself. It seemed so rude. And I have seen that happen many, many times. How can you teach children to be polite when you are rude to them?

Nobody likes their energy stopped. It's upsetting. That's why we don't like backseat drivers and people who interrupt what we are saying. I don't like to watch a one particular news program because the host always cuts people off. It's annoying when you are tying to listen to one person and someone starts talking on top of what they're saying and you can't hear either person.

I try so hard not to interrupt someone when they're talking. Sometimes you do it by accident but we should all be aware how easy it is to do it, and how people hate us for it.

Some old friends had a great comeback for each other whenever either one of them said "Do such and such" and they were already doing it. "You mean do what I'm doing?"

It's a great line. We don't even like to be interrupted by someone telling us to do what we are already doing. It's just human nature.

A. B. Curtiss

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Ginger said...

Great reminder. Yes, interrupting is easy to do & no one likes to be on the receiving end. Thanks!

There is one very famous talk show host who interrupts her guests quite frequently. It really gets on my nerves! I like her so much otherwise!

Have wondered why she invites a fascinating guest on her show & proceeds to not allow them to speak! It almost seems the more interesting the guest, the more frequently she interrupts!

Maybe she is afraid of not doing "her part" in creating a good interview?

You have pointed out before that too much self-focus leads to negative outcomes, & "other-focus" is usually the better path.

Maybe the talk show host needs to focus more on the guest & less on how well she is coming across?

Maybe that's a good rule for all to keep in mind during any conversation!