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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Repetition is the Key to Positive Affirmations

Dear A. B.

Thank you very much for all your kind replies. I do understand that we all have duties to contribute to society, and this is exactly why I want to be able to work normally. I don't want to be off work again, and I certainly don't want to stay in bed and be a victim of depression. I want to be a responsible adult and part of society. I did go outside a few times to take deep relaxing breaths and look up at the sky and count all my blessings and fill my heart with a sense of gratitude, which I really do feel. I do feel very lucky. Everyone at work was very happy to see me back and has been very understanding about my three months absence. I do agree with what you say and want work to workout for me. It's just I encounter anxiety with physical symptoms that get in the way of work: I cant find my old self, when I had energy and motivation - almost a drive -- to get on with work. However I will try to be even more grateful and focus just on the tasks as you say. I've decided and committed to getting better, and I will prevail! Y____________

Dear Y__________

If you think you are anxious and tired, you will be anxious and tired. Here too, your thinking has much to do with your physical symptoms. Just the simple repetition of saying "I'm fine, I'm fine" will start convincing your brain to be fine. Here's where positive affirmations are helpful. Repetition is the key. Over and over "I can do this, I am fine, I am feeling better and better." A. B.

Dear A.B.

Thank you for this great advice! I will be repeating "I'm fine, I can do it, I'm getting better and better" like a broken record.

Kindest regards for the valuable correspondences and support. I'm extremely grateful. Y________

Dear Y_________

We're all pulling for you as you know. A. B.

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