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Monday, September 6, 2010

I Really Struggle with Brainswitching

Dear A.B.,

I've been repeating "I can do it! I can do it!" like a broken record all day today ( Sunday so no work ) and I find it helps prevent negative thoughts from popping up. For some reason, I really struggle with brainswitching, it works sometimes for a split second but negative thoughts pop up constantly. But by repeating ALL the time & all day " I can do it, I can do it", I can almost feel a "brain block" where Im not allowing any space for negative thoughts to pop up.

The only issue is that I find myself having to do that even while I should be focusing on the NOW, on the present. Also it's not the best in social situations, etc. Is this approach ok as a first step? I plan to go into work, basically chanting "I can, I can..." and use against with any dis-empowered thoughts. Is this ok as a first step? I know I do need to construct a life where I can focus on things. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. Many thanks always, Y________

Dear Y________

Yes, this is a good start. As you get better and better at using "I can do it" to replace anxious and negative thinking, your brain will be building a strong neural pattern of "I can do it" instead of the scared and anxious neural pattern "I can't do it" which is undermining all your efforts.

You will also be getting better at moving to objective thoughts about your work itself, or your objective thinking about being more interested in what the other person is saying and doing instead of what you are feeling at any moment. Just go straight from "I can do it" to the productive thought. If you insist on staying with the productive thought, you can stay there. If you get scared, you know that you can always go for safety to "I can do it" and then start all over again.

It is a matter of earnest desire to do better, and putting in the hard work of practicing to manage your thinking. In a way your brain is like an unruly child. You have let it have its way for so long that it is going to balk at being told what to do.

But if you prevail, you have all the power. Your brain only has the power you allow it. You can think any thought you want and your brain cannot think any thought unless you allow it. The power is yours, you just have to learn how to use your power.

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