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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will Brainswitching Cure De-personalization and De-realization?

Dear A.B.Curtis:

Thank you so much for getting back to me :)

Will brain switching alone cure derealazation/depersonalization? I have been told that it is caused by a chemical imbalance which then makes your mind have the thoughts and sensations and question if you are really there or not. It's caused by an anxiety cycle/habit that will keep on happening unless you get your anxiety levels to benchmark again. It's so horrid.

I have been on the Linden Method and according to them, once you break the "anxious habit" you will never have any sensations related to anxiety like derealization ever again. Their Method uses a different approach to achieve neuroplasticity, but have found that brain switching has worked so much better. Once the new neuro pathways are built, will the "out of body" feeling go away permanently?

Thank you :) C_________

Dear C________

No, the feelings of depersonalization and unreality will never go away. They are common thoughts to any human being. The only difference is when they pop up for other people, they simply notice and dismiss them as unreality, as crazy thoughts. You, however, keep thinking them as if they are reality. You just need to get out of the habit of believing in these thoughts and then when you no longer believe in them they will pop up less and less. When they pop up, you will just ignore them and get on with your real life like everybody else does.

The other thing to understand is that if your anxious thinkings keep going and going,they will, sooner or later, trigger the flight or fight response which will dump a bunch of stress chemicals in your brain. Then you will start to undergo the body's normal reaction to stress chemicals which is, anxiety, your whole body may start to sweat or just your hands, your whole body may start to shake or just your head or arms or legs and you will not be able to concentrate so well. Your heart will start to race and you will have difficulty breathing and swallowing and think you are going crazy. You are not going crazy, this is how the normal body reacts to stress chemicals.

A book I recommend to you is by a nurse Claire Weeks who wrote a wonderful book called "Hope and Help for your Nerves." You can take control of your thinking and thus you will be in control of all these things that have been bothering you.
A. B. Curtiss

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