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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Had to Take Some Anti-Anxiety Medicine

Dear A.B.,

It is indeed the fight for my life... I feel like Im going to war every morning. Though I do tell myself relax, relax as well. Im proud of somehow making it to work every day so far. I was so close to giving up this morning when i had panic attacks but Im glad I went in. I had to take some anti-anxiety medication which did help me get to work and get started with the day. The harmful thoughts come and I can ignore them, or dismiss them but they leave a mark as in physical symptoms : the wave of anxiety and extreme discomfort that gets in the way of focusing on the next task. It's disconnected to the thought but maybe the stress chemicals produced by the harmful thoughts that popped up. Does that make sense?

Kindest regards for your correspondence, Y

Dear Y_______

One thing you have to be careful of is hating your anxious thoughts. It is not a positive thing to hate your negative thought. The quicker you can simply turn away from the anxious thoughts as "not an option to think," and latch on to some more productive thought or image and concentrate on that, the less effected you will be by the negative thoughts. You are making great progress. You have to keep remembering that your thoughts are not you. They are simply neural patterns. They cannot think themselves without your permission. A. b. Curtiss

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