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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Visual Images are the Problem in De-personalization, Not My Thoughts

Dear A.B. Curtis:

It's not the thoughts the perpetuate the de-realiaztion/de-personalization. It's the visual. It's my eyes truly perceiving that things are different. It's all my senses, not just the thoughts.

And I never, ever in my life have had feelings or thoughts like this until recently. I know depression makes you feel unattached...and you get over this feeling. My friends did.

I ignore the thoughts most of the time, but like I stated, it's my whole self that senses it, not just my mind. According to The Linden Team- it's your minds way of calming you/ cushioning you from trauma (even if no trauma is present). It's because your subconscious thinks there is danger due to the anxiety. Thank you for your help and the book by Claire Weeks recommendation. C__________

Dear C__________

When you have visions it's more of a psychotic episode than a depressive episode but a psychotic episode can be handled the same way. Changing your thoughts. When you change your thoughts, you change the visions. If your brain uses images rather than words as a general rule then you must not only come up with thoughts to think but images to see in your mind that refer you back to reality and that are positive rather than images that are negative and unreal and lead you away from present reality into psychosis. A. B. Curtiss

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