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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Study of Hypnosis

I have collected hypnosis books over a number of years. Having need of it due to my back problem I thought to redouble my efforts and pick up some new techniques. However after reading Coue again I don't think that was necessarily a great idea. I had learned some techniques to get to alpha level which I have used for getting back to sleep at night, and in reading Coue again he said that if you have established a particular sequence of relaxation of getting to alpha level don't try something different because you will have to learn it. In other words any technique you learn takes a while  to get the mind used to it,  and if you change the method, your mind will have to relearn it. Makes sense. So I decided against starting Coue's beginning program for going to alpha level in favor of the method I already learned from my Hypnosis course.

Coue suggests that the best time for putting what he calls "autosuggestion" into effect is right after you have awakened or just before going to sleep so I have decided to follow this suggestion. I was even worried about the fact that I have always used the phrase "every day in every way I am getting better and better" and now I find that Coue's actual phrase is "day by day" and not "everyday." I decided that they were so similar that my mind can darn well translate from one to the other. So I don't worry about using one or the other and sometimes I used both at once.

After all the thing that Coue stresses is that the process is a simple one and should not be thought complicated. He says to leave the other-than-conscious mind to do the work itself without disturbing it. "Do not be anxious about it, continually scanning yourself for signs of improvements. The farmer does not turn over the clods every morning to see if his seed is sprouting. Once sown it is left till the green blade appears. So it should be with suggestion." (I do like the term better than hypnosis which sounds complicated and difficult..

Coue says we should sow the seed in the other-than conscious mind and have faith that the mind will bring it to fruition. We should say the phrase with faith. "You can only rob suggestion of its power in one way--be believing that it is powerless."

"The greater your faith the more radical and the more rapid will be your results; though if you have only sufficient faith to repeat the formula phrase twenty times night and morning the results will soon give you in your own person the proof you desire, and facts and faith will go on mutually augmenting each other."

Also I was used to saying the phrase just in my mind and now I do it so it is audible to me, although not loud enough to disturb my husband.

I was in a lot of pain last night when I attended a concert with my husband. At intermission I told my husband to enjoy the rest of the concert but that I had to walk. I walked for 50 minutes back and forth in the hallway. I was alone for much of the time. I insisted in saying the phrase over and over in barely audible tone, but one that I could hear myself, "every day, day by day, I am getting better and better. " I think I kind of walked myself into a kind of trance. Was it the phrase or the walking. Who cares? I was so much improved by the time the concert finished. I was tired and didn't wish to go out with friends afterwards but I was not suffering pain greatly.

I am having a problem with anxiety since my injury, and that too seems much mitigated by saying the phrase over and over all throughout the day. I am sure that it will keep me from getting so far agitated that I bring on another panic attack.  The more I say the phrase, the easier it is for me to "hang" and "relax" into it. A. B. Curtiss

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