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Friday, March 11, 2011

When I Walk I get a lot of Saliva Coming Down

Dear Ms Curtiss

Good to know you are feeling good and I hope you are getting much better. 

few days a go I noticed big amount of saliva comes down while I walk. I feel that helps when I get red of it.  

Do you have idea about this??? 


Dear R________

I don't know what the saliva is all about unless it is coming from post-nasal drip which is exacerbated by your walking activity. And probably you are right that it is well to get rid of it. And walking is good for most everything. A. B. Curtiss

Dear A. B,.

I feel it physically comes from the top of my head and around my head and when depression hits it started to accumulate and then leaked from the mouth when I walk and concentrate on things.

when I get hit I just do the walk and have no depression at all. This started to me for about three weeks. 

I still do not know what is that

it was jam when I tried it the first time, but now its becoming easier to get red of it.

Dear R__________

It may be from your sinuses rather than a post-nasal drip. And walking is great for getting rid of depression and and walking is a great way to move your body energy around in a healthy way to throw off all kinds of toxins

Remember that the lymphatic system which gets rid of the toxins in the body only works when you exercise. It has no pump like the circulation of the blood works by the heart action. .A. B.

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