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Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Will Take it On

Thank you so much, I will take it on again and again :-)

This thank you is for the previous post referring to my response to the question. This is absolutely the right attitude. We must take on what life sends us again and again. This includes the feelings that suddenly grip us and cause us fear and terror. We should not allow ourselves to be terrorized by our own emotions. We must take them on again and again.

One way to take them on is a meditative stategy. A wise man said to me recently: "I had an epiphany--everything is good. Everything is good. This rang so true for me. So often when I get hit with a deep dive into utter despair I choose to remember that phrase. "Wait a minute," I tell myself. "Everything is good. I can do this. And I can also think of something better than despair. I am not limited to that or confined by it or prevented by despair to turning about from it and turning toward a better thought."

Doesn't have to be a noble thought. It could just be a plain, solid thought like my grandmother would have suggested. "What is the next thing I can do today." Terror is not reality, it is a body state of alarm which has accidentally triggered. We don't have to give it credence. We can turn away toward something better. Because, no matter the sheer terror that momentarily bubbles up, everything is good. We can relax into that. Everything is good. A. B. Curtiss

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