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Monday, December 7, 2015

We are Each Other's Angels


I bought your book (Depression is a choice) when you were booksigning at a small bookstore in San Diego. I'm divorced, and have children and a great career in one of the helping professions.

Everything makes perfect sense in your book. Your book is awesome. Haven't finished yet but 150 pages into it. I have heard most of it for many years, but you putting it together in the way you did and me being ready to hear and apply it has pushed me to a new awareness and practice. 

Someone recently suggested I get professional help in doing regression therapy for some unhealthy behavior that obviously stems from my childhood so I am reaching out to you for suggestions, help, guidance and most of all for connection.

I feel so disconnected and alone. I feel cynical and resigned with life. I am open to any suggestions, guidance, connection. I want to love life, I want to love and be grateful for what is in my life, I want to make a difference 

Thank you for reading and letting me share, you have already made a huge difference in my life and I am grateful for your sharing.

I’m much like you. I can easily dip into a hole of despair if I allow myself. Which I don’t. My husband never feels this way. I understand what you are telling me. No matter what the thought, no matter how reasonable it appears, if it is a negative one it is probably better ignored and if the negative feeling is intense, do a nonsense exercise until you can get going with something more profitable.

The feeling of isolation, of disconnection is because of fear. You can do two things with the fear, either ignore it, refuse to acknowledge it by use of mind tricks (brainswitching) or meditation (simply accept everything as if you were just a disinterested onlooker) by sitting quietly and allowing what is to be what is.

To release repressed fear you don’t really need regression therapy, you can just start to recognize and release all the little fears that you have always ignored. Read Chapter Ten for this. And make an effort to develop friends for a support system. Read my blog and you will see that you are not alone. The people who ask me questions are an important connection for me as well. It is a good thing to take connection wherever you can. Even the person standing ahead of you in the grocery line. Every human connection we make helps re-establish our own humanity. We never know how a smile or small bit of conversation helps someone else as well as ourselves. We are each other angels.  A. B. Curtiss

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