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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Can Get Myself out of Depression Using Your Techniques

Dear A.B. Curtiss,

I've just read your book Brain-Switch Out of Depression and have a question for you.

There is lots of wonderful material in your book that I can use.  Thank you!  I believe I will be able to keep myself out of depression when it first comes by using yourtechniques.

But what about when you are already in it?  Are you saying that just repeating the precept from Marcus Aurelius over and over at some point will provide the switch to return to an ability to think?

On page 100 you write
"We can build those connections to our cognitive faculties with thoughts"

What other thoughts can I use to brain-switch back to reasoning from an existing depression?   Swimming used to work that way tof me but no longer.

I am hopeful that you can answer this for me .

Best Regards, L__________

Dear L.________

When you are deep into a depression don't use long precepts or positive affirmations like Marcus Aurelius.

 Use short, dumb little exercises like "green frog," hippoty hop to the barber shop," or counting 1 - 2 -3  -4 over and over, over and over to thoughtjam the painful feelings or anxious thinking, and to stimulate neural activity in the neocortex, lessening neural activity in the subcortex.

The short exercises are to thoughtjam the thoughts that are causing the depression and to spark up neural activity in the neo cortex. The time for precepts like Marcus Aurelius is when you just have the blahs, or find yourself vague dissatisfied.

A. B. Curtiss

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