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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

People Mock Me for Being Depressed. What Can I Do?

Dear Curtiss

Please tell me how can I respond to someone try to make fun of me because I have depression. I felt very bad and could not talk. I do not respond to anybody in the situation..

I keep quite and talk to my self.

Is it my fault to have depression in my life. Please help  R____________

Dear R_________
If you could tell me exactly what someone said I would have a better idea of how people are responding to you. You have a right to feel bad and then take action to feel better. If people make fun of you because you feel bad that is their problem, not yours.

You could respond by saying "Thanks for making me feel better with your uplifting comments. If ever you feel bad be sure and let me know so I can say something cheerful." You are being sarcastic and that is one way to reply. But it would help if you told me exactly what they said to make fun of you.

It's not your fault to have depression. But it is your fault to talk about it all the time and think about it all the time. It might be a good idea to start acting cheerful, even if you don't feel cheerful. Because by acting cheerful, cheerfulness becomes a habit. In the same way acting depressed and talking to people about your depression and thinking about being depressed becomes a habit.

If someone is bullying you, speak up. It doesn't matter what you say just that you say something to show you are not a wimp. You can say. Hey, thanks for that comment. I'll give that some thought. Have a nice day, Man!! A. B. Curtiss

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