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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review of Brainswitch out of Depression

Breaking the Cycle of Despair

By Cindy Bevington
Monday, 08 June 2009 11:30

If ever you wanted to read a book or talk to someone about a way to address sad feelings or depressive thoughts without feeding the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies, this is it.

“Depression is like living in a room of pain; you can learn how to leave the room,” Curtiss says on the book’s cover.

Then, in 23 carefully laid-out chapters, Curtiss takes you on a step-by-step walk through the definition of depression, what causes it, and brain exercises you can use to help you walk right out of the room of depression. As a board-certified cognitive behavior therapist, licensed marriage/family therapist, certified hypnotist and a lecturer on self-awareness, Curtiss is up-front about her own struggle with manic depression.

“They call it bipolar now, but I still prefer the older term for its more graphic description,” Curtiss says. “The book shows the progress of my ability to handle the difficulties brought on by my condition.”

She says she still retains the manic depressive personality, but no longer suffers from either depression or mania.

Using her study of neuroscience to explain the process of switching your brain out of depression, Curtiss says, “We need to understand that depression is more than an incomplete gestalt of self-reported symptoms. We need to understand and treat depression neuroscientifically for the biochemical event that it is.”

Sample chapters: What You’ve Always Needed to Know About Depression; What Actually Causes Depression; Directed Thinking and Passive Thinking; Brainswitching in a Nutshell: Some Don’t Get Depressed; Brainswitching Exercises; Self-Awareness Exercises; Self-Improvement Exercises and Exercises for Insomnia.

This book is easy to read and understand.

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