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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Quite Remarkable Mood Change Experience

The mood change I effected the other day is truly remarkable. Not only for it longevity--I'm still very up today without any further effort--buut for its intensity. I'm so joyful I'd  be manic if I didn't know better. But also it shows how simple it is to link almost anything, your mood, a project, a chore, with a bunch of positive emotional tags that already exist in your memory bank. I won't say it's easy because when you don't feel all that up you don't feel like doing anything about it either. It's always an effort to get out of a down mood.

The mood change the other day also shows how infantile the emotional subcortex really is. I still can't believe how excited my emotional subcortex now gets over that darn laundry room. I have cleaned a good part of it. And what continues to amaze me is how "fun" all of a sudden that dumb laundry room is. After being a drag on me for months. I look forward (my subcortex looks forward) to my next visit. I can hardly get by the room without "putting one more thing away." I didn't know I had a potential
Disney World housing my washer and dryer. That's what my subcortex thinks anyway.

This whole thing has been a much more powerful lesson than I realized when I first started out just to get out of a kind of nothing much going on neutral mood because I really like an upbeat, energetic one. A. B. Curtiss

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Ginger said...

Kind of funny, isn't it? We are pretty suggestible creatures afterall, so why not use that trait on our behalf rather than to our detriment? Why not be the voice that intentionally makes the suggestions that we choose to listen to?

This recent revelation underscores your work's message, that we have more control over our moods than we our told we do my the culture at large. You emphasize again that effort is required, but the payoffs are substantial.

These posts are so interesting and inspiring. As you said in the first sentence, "...truly remarkable."