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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Feel the Brain Chemistry Move When I'm Exposed to Stress

Dear Curtiss 

I need your help. The job I found is meeting to proffitionel people for sales and customer service. I am having interview today for this and i am having bad mood for the moment.

will be difficult for me this job to do. 

I feel the brain chemistry moving when I am exposed to stress.  R___________

Dear R_______

You know a lot about how  your brain works, and how to access your rational faculties when your emotion is raging. You have had some success in exercising your courage despite your fear. Now you need simply to go forward, pray for courage, be yourself, and honestly show an interest in the job itself and what you can bring to it. It may be difficult but you will be immensely proud of yourself for carrying on despite your fear. There is always some fear in any new situation, you are not alone. There are probably 50,000 other people throughout the world, on that very day interviewing for a job and they are just as scared as you are. Say a prayer for them as well. You are not alone.
A. B.  Curtiss

Dear Curtiss

Thanks for the guidance and encouragement. 

I went to the hospital with my wife and the doctor said she has anxiety because she suddenly has fast heart beat and panic and cannot eat heavy food causes her distorting heart beat and sometimes feels she will die.   

The doctor said that because of genetics unbalanced seratonin causes her to have this. and this needs her to have drugs for at least 8 months and then the problem will be fixed.

Is anxiety different from depression and do you think drugs will help. I am trying to explain to my wife all my thoughts about anxiety because its similar to depression. Thanks, R_________

Dear R___________

Anxiety is better handled by learning how your brain works and how to handle panic attacks with belly breathing and anti-stress exercises. These exercises are in the book Brainswitch out of Depression, which I think you have.  A. B. Curtiss

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