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Friday, August 6, 2010

Brainswitching does Get Easier Because of the Neuroplasticity of the Brain

Dear A. B.

Thank you very much for your replies.

It's true that I don't have much of a life that contents me at the moment, or I'm not sure if it's the depression that makes it seem like that, as I’ve suffered from this for so long. I feel that I've been quite a depressive and very insecure, and never had a lot of interest in things, though I’ve kept myself quite busy, active and social -- even when I haven't had serious bouts of depression.

And I've always had an unease with people, a strong sense of inferiority, though I've always faked being cheery and social. But your book and these correspondences have given me a lot of strengths.

What's been challenging at the moment is to focus on anything outside my head. I'm watching TV and trying to focus on the content but my mind keeps wandering to depressive thoughts, despite the attempts at mind switching.

I'm already doing better than a few days ago so I'll keep telling myself that I'm getting better and better; mind switching is getting easier and easier!

Warmest regards, Y______

Dear Y_______

You are new at this. IT WILL GET EASIER. Your brain needs to make new neurons that are more positive. Now you have too many negative neurons and not enough positive one in your brain so the negative neurons are always popping up. When you have more positive neurons they will start popping up instead of the negative ones and you will be able to have more positive trains of thinking happening. Also as you get going and making a life for yourself, more neural pathways will be formed. This is the process of neuroplasticity of the brain. It changes with new thinking and new experiences. When you say it changes, what you mean is that more neural patterns develop A. B. Curtiss

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Ginger said...

Y, glad to hear you're still hanging in and working hard at moving beyond depression.

A.B. speaks in her books about the power of connecting with the environment. She recounts the positive impact of just going outdoors and taking a walk with her grandchildren after experiencing an intense period of negativity.

Have you gotten outside? You might be amazed too, by how helpful getting outdoors for even a short walk can be.

I can speak for myself...getting out of the house really can help clear my mind and refresh me. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how helpful a simple walk around the neighborhood can be for me.

By simple I mean, I have no ipod, cell phone, pedometer, special clothes, or shoes. I just head out the door. Sometimes we tell ourselves we *need* all kinds of gear to do anything these days! Lots of my neighbors go walking with everything but the kitchen sink. I just open the door (take my key) and walk.

Peace be with you on your journey, Y!