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Monday, August 9, 2010

Will I Someday have no Problem Gathering with Friends and People?

Dear Curtiss

Thanks so much for the advice and I wanted to tell you I can feel the change and the progress for the last seven days. My issue is that I can feel the brain chemistry my self.

Something is moving in my head. Is this normal???? When I gather with people I can feel this moving because of stress I think, and then I need to do brainswitching exercises again to restore the brain chemistry.

Do you think by the time I can have no problems gathering with friends and people???

I also wanted to tell you my child is three years old and very dependent on his feelings and cries a lot.

All the best, R____________

Dear R________

It is normal for a three-year old child to be dependent on their emotions. Their cognitive functions are not yet as fully developed as their emotional instincts. You must deal with their outbursts with calm of your own. You don't want to get angry and yell at a 3 year old for just being a normal 3 year old. If their behavior is extreme then use a kindly attitude and introduce play or toy distractions to get them interested in other things other than their tantrums.

Stress can make you feel all kinds of craziness. It is the body's normal reaction to stress chemicals to have your head shake, or your whole body shake, feel dizzy, get the sweats, have a difficult time breathing or talking straight. Brainswitching can alleviate stress and depression, but in order to alleviate social anxiety you must get in touch with your repressed fear, and you must have some practice in developing social skills. For this reason I suggested reading Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Chapter 10 in Depression is a Choice, and to take a course in public speaking with Toastmaster's International which is in every small town and which are very inexpensive. A. B. Curtiss

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