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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Struggling with Overwhelming Anxieties for the Past Four Hours

Dear A.B.,

Can you please kindly provide some words of encouragements? I'm really struggling with overwhelming anxieties for the past 4 hrs. I went into volunteer at N____that Ive been going in from this week, simple database entries and I've kept trying to REALLY focus on what I'm doing despite all the negative thoughts coming up such as... Am I really going to be ok going back to work like this?

Am I doomed for life with this? I keep just dismissing the thoughts and feelings saying "you don't have any power over me, I'm going to prevail" and trying really hard to ignore this and carry on with what I'm doing. But it's like a pain I feel in the chest area that is constantly there. I keep thinking of your story when you say you hit rock bottom and hung on to "green frog." If you could give me some encouragements to get through today, I would be so grateful. I'm going home (its 1pm here) and planning to read your book to see if any other exercises I can succeed with,then carry on with chores. Very grateful for the correspondence. Y___

Dear Y

You are the "Master of your fate and the Captain of your Soul." You are more than your brain. You are more than your mind. Let your depression alone and let it go by simply heading somewhere else, away from it. Yes, it is there. But you can go somewhere else. But to go somewhere else you have to INTEND to do it. Anxious worry or panic attacks can be alleviated by twenty minutes of concentrating on belly breathing. Put your hand on your belly and when you take a breath in watch the hand go up, when you let a breath out watch your hand go down. With each breath out let go a little more of your anxiety, just let it go. CONCENTRATE ON YOUR BREATH. When you feel this way at work use a mind exercise. CHOOSE one to use-- Hippity Hop, or Green Frog, or 1 ,2 3,4 over and over and then direct your mind to your task. Do not be the child of your mind. Be the adult of your mind. A. B. Curtiss

Dear A. B.
Thank you so much for your encouragements! I'm so grateful and did much better for the rest of the day. I also love the phrase from Invictus. I will surely prevail. Y_________

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