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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should I Wait to Start Work Until my Social Skills Improve?

Dear A. B.

In fact , I found a job meeting customers, but I am not willing to go ahead and work. All this because meeting people will causes me lots of stress and then imbalance brain chemistry. I do not know what to do in this case. Please advise me. Should I start work or should I wait more time till I feel very good and then start working? R_________
Dear R_____________

You should start working and use your courage to meet people. When you feel nervous, say to yourself, "I am doing the best I can at the moment, even though I shake and stumble around. I must have courage and continue and accept the fact that I am a beginner and here I am beginning." Each time meeting a customer will be easier. You will begin to see each customer as a gift to help you learn social skills.

Allow yourself some failures. Say to yourself I may mess up with a customer and that is all right. It is like baseball. You will hit some outs but you will also hit some home runs. You might even confide to some customer that you have difficulty in meeting people and you will see how kind people are to help you out of your difficulty. If you accept the challenge, then the stress factor will be less because you will be using up the stress chemicals in meeting the challenge. And anyway, if your chemistry gets unbalanced, you can always brainswitch and restore the balance. A. B. Curtiss


Ginger said...

R., jobs are hard to come by these days, so you must be very good at what you do! You were hired in a tough job market.

Think of the value you are adding when you meet with customers. Focus on that. Remind yourself "I am adding value here. I am bringing something to someone that they need. I am providing a needed service. Customer service is my focus."

Good customer service is really rare these days. People notice and appreciate it when they encounter it. Go the extra mile and make customers feel they are your priority.

I know *I* really notice & appreciate good customer service. It can make such a difference in my day to encounter a business person who genuinely cares about service, who smiles, is courteous and friendly.

I'm sure you don't need a primer on salesmanship. As I said, you must be good at what you do. Just saying, as you become involved in your new job and engaged with your work, you will be putting customers first and focusing on them. I wonder if your nervousness may lessen as you do that.

Congratulations on your new job!

A. B. Curtiss said...

Good idea, Ginger. I think you are right that in concentrating on your customers and putting them first and focusing on them you would necessarily not be so self-focused on your own anxious worry. A. B. Curtiss