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Friday, September 18, 2015

How do you Know When you're Manic?

There is a great unrecognized problem with mania that is causing a great deal of violence and alienation in our society. But it may be that events like school shootings, road rage, violent street protests, cop killing, and disgruntled employee shootings will sooner or later call attention to long-overlooked mania. The way out of mania is the same as the way out of depression. Brainswitching, directed thinking and meditation also work for mania.

In general, the public is much more aware of depression than mania because we are more than willing to buy drugs to lessen the pain of even a little depression for ourselves, and the pharmaceutical companies who know this continually bombard us with ad campaigns and info-mericials about the least little nuance of anxiety and depression, with a different pill for each nuance.

Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in mania because no one is going to buy medicine for that. Mania just simply doesn’t hurt. In fact, it feels good. No one wants to cure themselves of feeling good. For the most part, we do not recognize our own mania while it is in progress because it is never painful for us in the way that depression is. For myself, before I got a good handle on my depression, I believed mania was my “good days.”

Once I was able to recognize the “pain” and "fear" that are the underpinnings of mania, I was able to curtail that kind of thinking and behavior as well.

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