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Monday, September 21, 2015

Turning Around a Habitually Negative Mindset Takes Practice and Time

Dear A. B.

This positive thinking stuff just takes time right? I could use some encouragement if you can think of any. I just wonder when the world will start to seem like a better place. I find, despite my practicing, that 90% of the thoughts that pop up for me are negative. I redirect, next negative thought, redirect, negative....hmm. Am I just not trying hard enough? R
Dear R,

Yes, it does take time. But meanwhile, perhaps one problem might be that you are just waiting around for whatever thought hits you instead of pursuing some kind of productive thinking that logically leads to some productive action. Perhaps you need to be more proactive instead of simply remaining reactive.

Instead of reacting to your negative thoughts why don't you initiate productive, positive thoughts and that way there isn't as much opportunity or room for the negative thinking if the brain is already occupied. After all, remember the brain can't concentrate on more than one thought at a time.

Remember, practice makes neurons. A. B. Curtiss

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