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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Negative Thoughts Keep Pursuing Me


I could use a reminder if you feel willing. Life seems pointless. Are people just pretending that life is good and ignoring all this bad stuff? My most persistent recurrent thoughts are like: "You are not doing enough." It’s like the thoughts are really after me right now. It does not seem like it's from a mental habit. It seems downright malicious. Like something is trying to kill me to be honest. I mean, how much more can I stand? Even if I am miserable, I just keep going right? Just keep going to work, just keeping living, no matter what. So sorry for all of this negativity.  I should wait to write til I’m in better a mood.


Might as well get all the garbage thoughts out when they knock on your door. But remember, you have many doors in your mind. Each thought is a new door. If one opens which you did not want, simply open the door to a thought you do want. The brain always follows the direction of its most current dominant thought. You make any thought dominant by thinking it repetitively.

Your thoughts can pursue you but they lose their strength because you are not obligated to think them when they pop up. You can notice them, “thanks but no thanks.” Then, immediately, you can think another thought and if you concentrate on YOUR thought, the thought that popped up will fade.

An important thing to remember is that depression is the FEELING of hopelessness--that all is lost, nothing is worth anything, life is worthless, I am worthless and I am helpless to get out of this bad place, none of which is true. You don't have to think these thoughts. They are not reality. Reality is doing the task at hand, not musing about whether or not it is worthwhile to do it. STOP the negative thinking and think something else. A. B. Curtiss

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