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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I get dizzy, shake and full of anxiety

Hi AB Curtiss

The reason that I'm writing you today is because some of my symptoms are very strong like I get dizzy, shake and feel highly anxious. I did some lab test and everything turned out negative. So now I'm thinking should follow up with a doctor psychiatrist, neurologist or somebody because the problem is not that I don’t have any desire to do things. I want to do things but I can't. I wake up in the morning exercise for 30min and get going, but once I get the symptoms, I can't continue. So what do you recommend? E

Dear E,

The natural response of the body to stress chemicals which are caused by triggering the flight or fight response with anxious thinking is: dizziness, head shaking, body shaking, hands sweaty and shaking and more extreme anxiety, all of which shortly to be followed by depression. Just to be sure check out with your general physician or a homeopathic practitioner, not a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are too quick to prescribe pills which seldom work in the long run.

You also might try some anti-stress or brainswitching mind techniques. These will distract you from the anxiety, the symptoms will subside and the brain will move in the direction or more positive and productive thinking. A. B. Curtiss

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